Wedding Planner Organized – Do Not Pull Your Hair Out, Get Your Wedding Organized

The most important thing to do when you begin to plan your wedding is to take a deep breath, get out a sheet of paper and sit down with your fiance, Then contact suppliers directly or request a quote. Make sure you have what you need prepared ahead of time, like the number of quest for starters. Get quotes or estimates from an assortment of wedding suppliers. The best way to plan your wedding is begin from the basics and work your way through a long list of ‘to-do’s’. One of the best ways to plan your wedding is to enlist the help of a select few people you know you can rely on. This will make your load a lot lighter.


Planning a wedding on a budget can be tricky, especially if you have other parties interested in helping you financially. Especially when trying to stay within all the guidelines can be overwhelming. Planning your wedding by yourself might become tiring, so set up a brainstorming session with your friends and relatives to work out the details.


Once you have settled on a reasonable budget for your wedding you need to make a list of each component of your wedding that is going to cost money. After you have divided up how much of your budget you want to spend for each part of your wedding try looking in your area for a wedding exposition or show where many of the local wedding vendors offer discounts, prizes and samples of what they have to offer. Do not forget to leave some room in your budget for “miscellaneous” things you may want to purchase for your wedding. One handy tool to use for such calculations is Excel Worksheet here you can Enter your planned wedding budget numbers and this Excel worksheet will calculate subtotals by category. If you are under budget, then you can add the difference to another wedding category. If you are over budget, you will have to revisit other categories to identify places where you can cut back to stay on budget.

Helpful Tips:

• Look for local grocery stores that make wedding cakes as most make them for a fraction of the cost.
• You can save a lot of money on flowers by shopping online for them.
• Save money by purchasing your wedding dress at an outlet store.
• Look online for discounted wedding invitations.
• Save money on decorations by doing them yourself.
• Flip through the phone book or ask friends and neighbors of nice places they recommend.
• Enlist friends and family members with a music background to play music for you.


The first thing you should do is to come up with a range of money you both can comfortably spend for your wedding. You might look into both of your savings accounts, ask your parents for a little extra money and even consider taking a part time job to come up with some additional funds. One of the worst things you can do is borrow money, because you do not want to enter into marriage with a hefty debt to pay off so consider all other options before whipping out the plastic. Spend money on the things that really matter, such as good photographer, a nice dress, good food and drink. To save even more money, you can go to supply shops that are having sales and buy the materials to make your wedding decorations at an even cheaper rate. If you buy from a wholesale supplier or a store that gives bulk discounts, this can save you a great deal of money.

Disc jockey:

Disc Jockeys are the best persons to be chosen in regard to the music element of your wedding unfolding, they know the best lists of musical charts, the ones that consist of the songs that have been on top of the charts for many years, their popularity growing with every year to pass; this is actually what turns them into the classical giants of different styles of music. Of course you can also pick the music you want them to play.

Not having much time to plan your wedding is even more difficult than having to plan it on a tight budget. The best way to sanely plan your wedding is to get, and stay, organized. Of course, you are planning your wedding on a budget and hiring a person to plan your wedding is not the most affordable option, but it could be the most practical.

Hiring A Wedding Co-Ordinator-Planner

Whatever the projected budget for your wedding, it is worthwhile to consider engaging the services of a professional wedding organizer. Of course, at first glance it might appear to be an unnecessary extra expense (probably 10% of your budget, perhaps more), but in many aspects of planning for the big day it could actually save you money, or at least help to ensure you get full value for your outlay.

A good wedding organizer should be able to offer a wide choice of suppliers of all the necessary specialist services you are likely to require for your wedding and reception (along with some not-so-necessary extras!) together with the reassurance that everything will be smoothly co-ordinated on the day. It is above all this relative peace of mind that you are paying for. He/she will often be able to negotiate discounts from certain key service providers, and should have the expertise and experience to cater for your specific personal requests regarding what you want and what you don’t want for your special day.

Of course, the wedding organizer doesn’t have to be involved in every aspect of your wedding. There may be several items you wish to arrange yourself (the music, for example, or the flowers). Having a wedding organizer to sort out all the other worrying and time-consuming details will allow you to concentrate on personalizing your chosen responsibilities. If you already have clearly-formulated plans regarding the areas you would like to mastermind yourself, an initial consultation should define the aspects you wish to be handled by the wedding organizer.

You may already have a reasonably clear idea about the style of wedding you are seeking to achieve, maybe even a specific theme. A good wedding organizer will be able to empathize with your ideas and help to develop them into a well-co-ordinated and memorable occasion. Outline your personal vision as fully as possible, so that the wedding organizer has a clear overall picture of what you are looking for. Translating your ideas into an action plan, and executing that plan in all its detail seamlessly on the day, is the organizer’s challenge. And don’t worry if you don’t have a particularly clear vision or plan for your wedding – a good wedding planner will have enough experience and expertise to be able confidently to make suitable suggestions for you to consider, based on your initial projected budget.

Finally, take advice from your chosen wedding organizer on setting up a team (best man, maid of honour, ushers, bridesmaids etc.) to share out the various small yet important tasks on the day. These little details are easily unforeseen or overlooked (e.g. the string quartet don’t have chairs to sit on, or Nigel’s left his notes for his speech in the car), yet in the hands of a skilled wedding organizer they will not present a problem. Always work on the basis that if something can go wrong, then it probably will:- and then everything will probably go right.

Organizing Your Wedding Vendors

Getting married is an exciting time for the bride and groom, family and friends. Then the wedding planning starts. You now have to find the perfect dress, the perfect place to have the wedding, make sure everyone you want to be at your wedding is there and then put on a happy face when the people you DON’T want at the wedding show up. Not to mention the worry and stress money brings into the planning, trust me, there is a reason why people run off to Vegas. Three years ago, I started conducting workshops for brides to help them organize their wedding, now I’m the one organizing my own wedding.

Organizing a wedding is completely different than planning a wedding. If you want someone to plan your wedding, I highly recommend hiring a wedding planner if nothing else for the Day Of, but if you are like most brides you want to do it yourself. Why shouldn’t you? If you are organizing your wedding, there are 3 different aspects to your wedding that you need to be prepared for:

1. Organizing Your Vendors

2. Organizing the Events

3. Organizing the Legalities

Each aspect is equally important, but they also come at different stages of the wedding planning process. So, let’s start at the very beginning!

Before getting into the nitty gritty, let’s make sure you have the tools you need to organize your wedding.

1. Maid of Honor – She will be able to do a lot of the leg work for you. Think of her as your personal assistant, if you will.

2. Wedding Planner Tool – This one is all up to you and your preference. I chose to use a 6-prong Classification folder to help me organize my wedding plans. My sections were broken down by; Calendar pages I printed from Outlook, guest list, vendor contact information, To Do list, contracts, and an envelope that I stored all of my swatches and samples.

You can choose any system you feel most comfortable with, just make sure it has a place for everything you need. For me the classification folder helped me organize the entire wedding process, including my vendors.

Organizing your vendors is essential in having a successful wedding ceremony and reception. Pick the wrong vendors and you could end up at a reception with no food, no photographer, or no reception hall. These are all unfortunate occurrences and they do happen, but how do you ensure they do not happen to you? Referrals. Referrals. Referrals.

Referrals can save your sanity. If you already know where you are getting your dress, ask the shop owner if she can refer a great photographer or if you know of a friend who recently got married, ask her who she used during her wedding. Did she like them, was the outcome everything she had hoped for, were they prompt? Ask questions, keep notes, and by all means choose vendors whose personalities compliment yours. You will be bride-zilla, you will be stressed, you will need to be made to feel secure, so pick people who can handle it.

Once you have your vendors narrowed down, place them into your contact management system in your computer. I use Outlook so I have my vendors in my Outlook Contacts, I also included pictures inside the contact card. You have no idea how handy having a picture of my wedding cake was when I met with my florist. Since I chose to use my classification folders, I printed off the hard copy of the vendor contact card so I had it with me at all times. It will amaze you how often a vendor will ask you for the contact information on another vendor.

Planning a Wedding – Organization and Delegation

Planning a wedding is actually one of the most stressful things a relationship will endure. The bride in particular is saddled with an overwhelming amount of decisions and feels compelled to please everyone from friends to family who freely offer advice. The only way to stay sane when planning a wedding is to stay organized.

Begin by writing everything down (or keeping a file on the computer) include ideas, phone numbers, e-mails, deadlines, any piece of information that may prove valuable for the pulling off the big day. Create a calendar specifically about when to put down deposits, pay for goods/services, go dress shopping, etc. Stick to the time-line on the calendar.

Make a list for everything. There should be guest lists with addresses for save the dates and invitations. There should be project lists for any handmade items – including a list of supplies needed for each project. There should be lists of vendors with contact information. Aside from a handwritten or digital plan, the couple should keep a binder or folder for important documents. This could include receipts, contracts and sample menus.

These days many wedding options are available online. There are websites devoted to favors, bridesmaid dresses, cake and all other parts of a wedding. Browse these sites to get a better idea of the specific items wanted and needed for a wedding. Create a digital folder and bookmark sites that have links to items the bride and groom are interested in.

Aside from extreme organization, it takes a bit of diplomacy to plan a wedding. The bride and groom must stay true to themselves and their wants while at the same time being respectful of the input of friends and family. It is important to listen to all suggestions, especially from those who are close to the couple. Include those who genuinely want to help in the planning of the big day, and politely decline the help of those who would hinder the process. Be gracious to those who provide time and money when preparing for the wedding – it is especially important for the bride to remain calm and cheerful so as not to become a “bridezilla.” There are lots of people who want to contribute to a couple’s wedding plans. Find a way to use each person’s talents and expertise. Delegating will save the couple a lot of frustration and make others feel like they are an important part of the big day.

Wedding Basics – Getting Your Wedding Organized!

Your wedding day should go smoothly and without a hitch, and the key to this is good organization well in advance of your wedding day. Here are a few tips to help you deal with the pressure of planning your wedding.

First things first…

1. Buy a pretty notebook, or even a nice blank book. If you have everything wedding-related written down in the same place, it’s hard to lose bits or forget details. Carry the notebook everywhere so you’ll have it when you need it – and later it can be a keepsake. Write down:

a. Phone numbers

b. Tips for decoration

c. Vendor information

d. Guests

e. Notes

2. Keep loose data like wedding receipts together with an accordion folder. This is a paper or plastic enclosed file holder with pockets. Plastic’s your best bet because it’s easier to change labels. Label sections as you accumulate those loose papers: receipts, invoices, RSVPs, ideas and articles, etc.

3. Depend on a computer. There are good wedding software programs for guest tracking, gift tracking, menu selections, table assignments, budgeting, and even a calendar; the best ones will do it all for between $35-60. You can even do it yourself if you’re good with Excel, and some starter templates are free to download from the Microsoft Excel website. Be sure to print everything out in case of crashes.

4. Use index cards in a box to keep your wedding guests organized. Buy a little box, 3″ x 5″ cards, and alphabetical dividers, and assign one card per guest, couple, or family. You can even buy computer paper that tears down into cards, if you really want to be organized. On the card, include information like:

a. Name, address, and phone number

b. RSVP response

c. Gifts given

d. Thank you note

e. Table assignment

f. Menu choice

5. Maintain a to-do list for the major wedding-related jobs. If you use Outlook, this is easy to put together and print out with their Taskpad, along with percentage completion. If you prefer, though, you can just do it by hand. From your large list, you can break out smaller tasks, timelines, and tasks you can give other people. This makes those huge jobs manageable, and you also have the satisfaction of marking each off upon completion.

6. Maintain a wedding calendar with appointments, deadlines, and critical tasks. Again, in Outlook, this is easy to do and to integrate with Taskpad’s list. Every task you have listed should have at least one deadline in the calendar. For a great list of tasks and when to do them, consult our Ultimate Wedding Planning Toolkit’s workbook.

Make The Most of a Wedding Organizer

No matter how big or small your upcoming wedding is going to be, you have to have some type of wedding organizer to help you keep track of everything. You may think that a wedding with just twenty guests is something that you can do off the top of your head, but you are going to miss something or lose something if you don’t have anywhere to keep track of what you have done, what you have yet to do, and even how much money you have spent. The right organizer can make all the difference in your stress levels when planning your wedding.

You can usually find some types of wedding organizer for free, or you can go out and buy one. Most larger city areas have some organizers that are sponsored by wedding vendors in the area. In exchange for ad space in the wedding organizer, they pay for some of the cost of producing it. The organizer then goes out free to any bride that asks for one. If you do not want to see a bunch of ads while you are planning your wedding, you can buy an ad free one. Some brides find the ads annoying while some find they are useful to find the services and goods that they need.

If you are totally digital in your day to day life, you can also find some types of free wedding organizer online. You can also find some that have a fee, but again, you won’t have any (or as many) advertisements when you pay for one. The digital form also comes in software that you can buy, or you can even come up with your own lists and databases if you know a lot about using some of the programs that you already have on your home computer. What you use is not as important as how you use it. As long as you can find and record what you need, use what works for you.

The wedding organizer that you use should have some way to keep track of expenses, and not all of them do. Look for that feature before you choose to use or buy anything. Without that, you may easily go way over your budget before you have realized what you have done. A wedding organizer that keeps a tab for you (or at least a good estimate) can make like a lot easier for you as you plan your wedding. No one wants to have to go out to get a last minute and probably high interest rate loan because the budget was blown to bits.

5 Tips From a Beach Weddings Organizer

Beach weddings are becoming more popular than ever, and although planning outdoor events can be daunting, nothing is more romantic than being married on the beach. Careful attention to detail is certainly a plus, but one need not be a professional to plan a lovely and memorable wedding on the shore. Planning beach weddings is hard work, but with these tips and a strict schedule, it can also be quite an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

1. Establish your budget and your guest list. Establishing a budget is always first on the list when planning any event. Budgeting can be intimidating, but keep in mind many of your overall costs are going to be less with a beach wedding. The size of your guest list is equally important to your plan. You may be able to fly a small party of friends and family to an exotic, wind-swept island for a reasonable sum. However, if you have a medium to large sized guest list, you may want to consider a more local piece of coastline for easier travel.

2. Lock down your location. It is important to begin communication with your desired location before you even set a date. Many beachfront hotels are quite experienced with beach weddings and can offer some help with the wedding itself, blocks of rooms for you and your guests, and of course, a ballroom for your reception. If you are very particular about your location, be flexible about the date.

3. Choose your wedding dress and attire. This is an area where costs can be cut if needed, for sundresses and bare feet can be just as charming as designer gowns when it comes to beach weddings. Traditional wedding dresses are also perfect for getting married on the beach.

4. Get a commitment from your vendors. As soon as you have your location and date set, you will want to get a definite commitment from your preferred baker, DJ or band, photographer, florist, car service, and wedding planner. You can always work out the specifics later, the main goal is to commit them to your wedding.

5. Let the beach inspire your wedding decorations. Decorations can be lavish or inexpensive, according to your taste and budget. You could pair elegant beach glass and sand with candles the colour of the sea, or tropical flowers and tiki torches take the theme in an entirely different direction.

Wedding Organizers For Your Wedding

Marriage is an event where the couple can apply their concept and their wedding ideas into reality. Especially for the bride who usually already has a wedding of her dream in her imagination and ready to bring them into reality.

I know a couple who set their wedding on the beach near the ocean and then finally hold their wedding vow in the sea, not on the sea but in the sea depth. They use oxygen support and dive into the sea depth to be recorded on camera while they are exchanging vows. This is what I called a passionate couple who meet and finally married each other with their love and passion.

For some couples who can not determine just yet what they really want as a theme in their wedding can use the help of wedding organizers. They have all kinds of ideas to meet the desire of the married couple and they have the experience to make it happen.

Wedding organizers can help you set the things needed. They will hep you with the decoration, the food catering, the wedding cake, the wedding ceremony, the wedding place and organize them to meet your budget, that is why they are called wedding organizers. They will make sure everything goes as planned. They can get you the finest wedding singers with the most friendly and affordable prices. You can rest assure when the band entertain your wedding that they will make the guest comfortable and enjoy the party.

They sometimes know some people working in the wedding industry enabling you to get discounts on some wedding items. Things like wedding dress, wedding make ups, wedding cakes, wedding accessories are important and can be pretty expensive. A reference can get you a cut off the regular price and for some tight budget couples, it is very helpful.

Christian Wedding Songs – A Must-Have for Wedding Organizers

Weddings are a picture of perfect and memorable event with no room for mistakes. This special event would make anybody think about exquisite flowers, delicate decorations, a romantic fairy tale that came to life. In other words, everything would describe it as perfect and romantic. But do you know who these people responsible for this event are? Although the groom and bride are the most important people when it comes to this event, you can never discount the fact that wedding organizers play a big role in making the whole event very special, perfect, and stress-free for the couples.

Yes, you got it right. The fantastic job that wedding organizers undertake are brought about by careful planning from the most important part of the occasion to the smallest detail. You can just imagine the stress they have to go through to make the groom and bride very happy and satisfied on one of the most important day of their lives.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate songs to be used for the wedding, compiling a list of any romantic song would not be a problem as there are literally thousands of love song that a couple can use on their wedding ceremony. However, there are couples that prefer to use only Christian wedding songs throughout the whole event. This is where the limitation comes in, because though there are thousands of love songs out there, there are only a few selection of Christian wedding music compared to the number of non-christian love songs.

Wedding organizers should have a list of these songs and as much as possible and be familiar with the lyrics of the songs so that they can recommend it to their clients. The easiest place to do a research is the internet, as it houses thousands of songs of every genre and you can get the lyrics with a few clicks of the mouse. What’s more, wedding organizers can listen to some song samples online free of charge.

Music For Your Church Wedding – Organ Music is Still King

If you’re planning a church wedding, organ is an instrument you should learn. Okay, maybe not learn. But definitely learn a little about.

The organ has been called the “King of Instruments”. It’s a well-deserved title.

You many not know very much about this instrument. The pipe organ is a very common instrument in churches, so it will help you to know a little about it for planning your wedding ceremony music. Just a little.

A common instrument for a wedding: organ If you’re getting married in a church, chances are that you’ll be having an organ involved in your wedding music. Of course, you don’t have to. You can choose a piano or bring in other instruments. But the organ is what most couples choose, partly because it’s an extremely convenient choice.

This is why so many of my music suggestions are organ pieces. It’s simply the most commonly-used instrument.

How it works The pipe organ was essentially the world’s first synthesizer. This is because it can make a wide variety of sounds, thanks to its stops. These stops control air going to different sets of pipes (each set makes a different sound). “Pulling out a stop” means more pipes will play when a key is pressed.

Some churches have electronic organs rather than pipe organs. The sound can be but is not always similar. The concept is still the same. For you, thinking about a wedding, organs are organs. There’s no real difference to be concerned about.

The organ can play many different styles of music because of these stops and the variety of sounds they play. Being able to play multiple keyboards and pedals at the same time only increases this capability.

But it’s not for all music But some music isn’t at all suited for the organ. Just like a harp can technically play notes from any piece of music doesn’t mean it’s going to sound good. A harp playing something written for an electric guitar is not going to be pretty.

Such is also true for the organ. Some music just won’t work.

I once heard a story from an organist friend in Germany. A bride gave him a CD of yoga music that featured chirping birds and even a zither and asked him to play this for her processional. He said he’d do his best. He spent many hours trying to simulate various sounds he heard from the CD on the organ and made a valiant attempt.

But it turned out the bride was expecting it to sound exactly like the CD and she was terribly disappointed. The sounds she wanted just weren’t possible on the organ.

What you also need to know It’s also important for you to know that not only are organs very expensive instruments, but the technique for playing one is far different than for other instruments such as pianos and even electronic jazz- or rock-type organs (or keyboards). It’s just completely different.

For both of these reasons, churches tend to keep a close eye on who gets to play their instrument. For weddings, guest organists will need to be cleared with the church.

Ask the church for permission if you want to use your own musician. Be prepared to be asked whether your musician knows how to play such an organ.

Points to remember

1. The organ is a very flexible instrument and can play a variety of music. There’s an abundance of music already written for it.

2. But even this instruments has its limits. Don’t assume any music will be handled well.

3. Playing an organ is different than other keyboard instruments. Don’t assume that anybody who can play a keyboard can play a church organ well.

Wedding Music Unveiled’s goal is to simplify your church wedding ceremony music planning.